Filmfestival Wake up Europe

Visiual remembrance culture on European wars

Discussions about European wars are a sensitive and highly relevant issue. With three selected films about the wars in the Western Balkans, the aim is to inform about them and to establish parallels with the news we currently receive every day from Ukraine. This will create awareness of emotional, material, and institutional impacts caused by wars. By addressing various aspects such as genocide, sexual violence, coming to terms with the past, or the reconstruction after a war, the goal is to draw attention of a diverse range of issues and perspectives.

Especially young people that only experienced peaceful times in Europe often lack information, which leads to the fact that some perceive the Russian war against Ukraine as the "first war in Europe since the end of World War II". We want to point out this blind spot and dare to try to clear it up. The following films will be shown: Grbavica: The Land of my Dreams, Quo Vadis Aida, and Hive.

With the three film screenings and subsequent moderated panel discussions in the presence of the directors, the project promotes the exchange between young people  and experts from various domains from the affected areas (NGO representatives, filmmakers and theorists, scholars with research focus on war crimes, sexual violence and reconciliation). The project contributes to anchor the wars of the Western Balkans in the European memory and to illustrate new perspectives to analyze and understand today's Russian war against Ukraine.

Cinema: Kino Oyoun (Lucy-Lameck-Str. 32 , 12049 Berlin, Deutschland).

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The project is supported by the Alfred Toepfer Foundation, among others

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