Guiding principle & Annual Report

For more than five decades (founded in 1963) the Academy has been in a position as an independent and non-party political educational and training organisation, a virtual and physical venue / location for encounter, meeting and interchange.
EAB Regierende Bürgermeisterin von Berlin

As in the spirit of its foundation, the Academy provides a space in which individuals can form their own political will and engage in application-oriented learning.The Academy sees itself as forming a platform for positioning and debates in academia, politics and civil society.

It places a point of main emphasis within civic education on European affairs and European politics.

At the heart of EAB work is disseminating knowledge about Europe – its discourses, policy fields and institutions. Through target-oriented formats the Academy communicates responses to issues in German and European politics. Moreover, it provides expert views on topics such as European integration, international relations, German foreign policy and Germany’s role in Europe and in the world.

As an organisation of civil society, the Academy is committed to furthering and strengthening active members of the public and is playing its part in firmly establishing European values both within and outside the EU.

As its contribution to civic education efforts, the Academy presents controversies, political contexts and substance and assists in analysing them. In this context, EAB is active at the interface between formal knowledge, academia and education.

Programmes and formats are issue-based, demonstrative and participatory, plus being in conformity with the most modern pedagogic insights.

Annual Report