Europäische Akademie Berlin

Our full solidarity goes to Ukraine and the Ukrainian people.
Information and guidance on donations, accommodation, donations of goods and how to support Ukraine and the Ukrainian people: You can find all this in our continuously updated Berlin-Ukraine Info-Hub.
We are making Europe. Europe of citizens. We clarify. We argue.
We urge people to put ideas into practice together.
The goal: making Europe better. Global and digital?
Or social and regional?
Different opinions, new perspectives.
This is how adult education works.
Climate protection. Digitalisation. Agriculture.
There are no topics which we do not thoroughly go into.
With experts. With politicians. In creative and cross-media ways.
Our range of events goes from Webtalk via weekend-long workshops right through to study visits lasting several days.
For a guest. For a participant. For a project partner.
Good ideas need space. We can provide it. Maybe you are planning your own conferences, internal meetings,
capacity training sessions? Book our rooms and garden!
Are you looking for someone to move your project forward to concepts and programmes?
We can do it. Made to fit. With excellent catering as well.

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