Navigating the Fog of Disinformation: In Search of Social Consensus

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Our information society has access to news anytime and anywhere. The classic role of sender and receiver of information has dissolved since the establishment of social media. In the daily flood of data and information, verified news is increasingly joined by fake news and disinformation campaigns. What role can and must quality journalism play under these circumstances? Can fact checks contribute to maintaining trust in news?

Troll farms, state actors and political movements make targeted use of digital tools and narratives to create moods online. Increasingly, these worldviews leave the online world and are reflected offline in protests and voting behaviour. The popularity of conspiracy narratives and disinformation campaigns are juxtaposed with scientific evidence. How do we protect our societies when doubts arise about the basic consensus of our coexistence? How do we come together as a society under these changed conditions? We would like to discuss these and other questions with you and our experts.

Boyko Vassilev, journalist and TV presenter Panorama

Viktor Marinov, journalist and fact-checker at Correctiv.

The discussion will be moderated by Manuel Knapp, Director of Studies at the European Academy Berlin. The event will take place as a fishbowl discussion. After the introductory statements, you will have the opportunity to actively discuss with us.

The event will be simultaneously interpreted German-Bulgarian. Afterwards, we invite you to continue the discussions in an informal setting at a reception.

This event is part of the EAB series "Exchange" and is supported by the EU programme CERV. In friendly cooperation with the German Embassy in Sofia and the Goethe Institute in Sofia.


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