We possess an extensive portfolio - from the initial idea via project management right through to evaluation.

Our services

Planning and development

On behalf of commissioning bodies / organisations for whom EAB works and partners with whom we are cooperating, EAB is able to design specific events / meetings for a target group and tailored formats. This category includes, amongst other things, continuing education programmes, professional training events, simulation exercises, project days and panel discussions. Grounded in an analysis of needs and trends, our team of experts develops work in accordance with the most up-to-date pedagogic knowledge standards and fundamentals of civic or political education work. Multiplicity of formats, professional expertise and methodological-didactic highest standards are the hallmarks of what EAB can deliver.


As far as thematic and operative planning for seminars and formats is concerned, an experienced team at the Academy is at your side. We will be happy to undertake for you researching into topics / subjects and experts (speakers), planning financial matters, dealing with presenters’ queries and taking care of logistic arrangements and publicity.

For more than five decades we have been engaged in precise, tailored and professional planning.

Capacity building

To develop political competences is – in addition to disseminating knowledge – one of the pillars in political or civic education in the Academy. This is the reason why the Academy offers training events for adults, during which they are able to exercise what are known as civic competences. Included under this heading are abilities to express oneself clearly, to reflect upon complex contexts, to mediate in conflict situations or to pass on change management.

Communicating knowledge

A most vital task which the Academy undertakes is to disseminate to seminar participants knowledge on concepts of democracy and on European integration. What is particularly important to us in this respect is to make connections clear and to discuss controversial topics as they require as well. The necessary expertise can be given either by the seminar directors, who all have a PhD, or by external experts who can be commissioned as required.

The range of methods for passing on knowledge is broad: in addition to traditional frontal presentations we also offer inter-active formats, such as for example a World Café, Open Space, simulation exercises, future workshops and many others.

Managing projects

EAB can provide comprehensive project management. This covers the complete cycle of carrying out an event, preliminary and post-event follow-up. Tasks the Academy can take on include applying for and advertising the project or an event – for this purpose we can draw on our own extensive distribution lists – budget and funding planning and acquisition, staffing / personnel and participant management, seminar and/or event management. Additionally, we are happy to take on documenting and evaluating projects.

Media partners

Academic staff at EAB – with diverse characteristics and backgrounds – are available to national and international media to give expert comment, explain European facts and circumstances and as required are happy to adopt a well-defined position. Both print media as well as radio and television broadcasters frequently avail themselves of these opportunities: they are aware that the Academy team is able to deliver quick and well-founded responses. Moreover, they can do so in German, English and in some cases also in French, Polish or Croatian.


Chairing / facilitating meetings

Seminar or programme directors in the Academy can act as chairpersons at conferences and as facilitators for a very wide range of event types, both in the Academy and elsewhere. This service includes for example one-day or longer seminars, congresses, conferences, workshops or panel discussions. Equipped with a full set of appropriate methods they pick up on topics, encourage inter-personal communication, guide group dynamic processes and steer a way through discussions with charm and structuring skill. They are also available to act as external moderators, and are more than happy to do this.

Steering learning processes

The Academy communicates knowledge and competences, encourages comprehension of complex connections and animates reflection and exchanges. Learning outcomes are achieved through a wide variety of methods, learning forms and meeting formats. In this respect all our seminars or other events are tailored to widely differing addressees, topics and educational objectives.