SKRYNYA | Ukrainian Pop-Up Charity Market

SKRYNYA Ukrainian • /treasure chest/
skrynya cover
© Maria Ruban

The pop-up market SKRYNYA is inviting you to discover the Ukrainian creative scene!

SKRYNYA means in Ukrainian a ‘treasure chest’. Unlock the treasure chest of Ukraine with us and learn more about its culture and brave people protecting their country through the means of art, education, and community involvement. Fashion designers, artists, photographers, musicians, workshops, Ukrainian food and drinks - we bring Ukraine to Berlin and give a glimpse into the true Ukraine. 

Spend with us for a good cause: we support local Ukrainian charitable organisations to provide humanitarian, medical and recovery help and donate part of the proceeds.

Let's join efforts to make a difference!

Follow us on instagram: @skrynya.pop.up

Impressions of SKRYNYA meets Cafe Kyiv

Impressions of SKRYNYA in der Heeresbäckerei

Impressions of SKRYNYA | Ukrainian Pop-Up Charity Event




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