Digital kick-off Event I OBMIN

Interactive event with project intro, getting to know the participants, dialogue, expectations survey, content input and much more. 

Civil society organizations around the world are under enormous pressure. Due to the Russian war of aggression, this is particularly the case in Ukraine. Ukrainian civil society has proven to be very active, especially since Russia’s invasion in breach of international law, and has taken on many new functions in recent years. However, it is confronted with a multitude of parallel challenges: in addition to the burden of the war situation, processes of democratic transformation and EU rapprochement as well as reconstruction must be shaped at the same time.

There are currently many questions: How can the potential and resilience of civil society actors be strengthened? What do civil society organizations need to build stable structures and professionalize them? What are the conditions for success for secure future prospects for civil society – especially in times of parallel challenges posed by the Russian war of aggression, EU rapprochement, reconstruction and modernization?

Together with Ukrainian partner organisations, the EAB offers an intensive training curriculum for civil society actors from Ukraine (and exile) that focuses on skills transfer, knowledge acquisition and exchange. The aim is to strengthen the actors‘ ability to act, enable networking and, in the long term, strengthen the transformative resilience of civil society organisations and professionalise them.

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07.08.2024 | 13:00 - 15:00 Uhr



14193 Berlin


OBMIN – Shaping Change Together

This project boosts Ukrainian civil society's skills and networks with European experts to enhance stability and professionalism amid war and reconstruction.

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