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Unboxing Europe – Unlocking the EP Elections 2024

Creating empowering materials for first-time voters - envisioned by young people, for young people.

At Unboxing Y Europe, young people from various countries and locations collaborated to independently develop an innovative toolbox for the European elections. The group was completely free to conceptualise and implement their own ideas and visions and were merely guided by experts through the process. All results and ideas came from their own experiences and reflections as well as discussions with students.

The co-creation workshop consisted of the following elements:

The results of their work can be found on the website they created themselves: www.youngvoters.de.

On the website you will find:

• Experiences and information from and for first-time voters

• Links to teaching and learning materials

• Insights into the European elections from various perspectives

• Materials on the topics of democracy, rights, and the EU Get inspired along with your students.

We hope that this will help us mobilize and effectively inform many new voters.

The final results are currently translated into a digital toolbox which will add further information to the content that was developed for the website. The aim is to create an additional tool, that summarises most important information with regard to democratic rights, gives insight into election processes and underlines important findings or results from the EP elections in 2024.

The results can be found here in August 2024.

The project was co-funded through the CERV programme and the Federal Agency for Civic Education (Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung).