A European football field study on the occasion of the Euro 2021
Titelfoto More than just a game

You are between 18 and 25 years old? You are from Germany, The Netherlands, Poland, Spain or Romania? You are enthusiastic about football and excited for the European Championship 2021? Then you are the perfect match for our project!

The European Championship 2021 will be held in different European countries for the very first time. We take this as an opportunity to emphasize the phenomenon football and its social implications. Because football is More than just a game: Football unites people of different cultural and political backgrounds.

During the project you will have the opportunity to meet young Europeans from different countries, to share and discuss your ideas and to provide new impetuses. At all time, the focus is on your shared passion: football.

Football mirrors our society. So, we cannot close our eyes to (European) problems: How can we prevent discrimination in the stadium? Are racism and homophobia a tremendous, Europe-wide problem? How can football involve more women? Is football able to influence politics?

Together with experts and athletes you will discuss different solutions. You will improve your presentation and media skills. You will work on your own creative project during the Euro 21 which will be presented in an exhibition in Berlin after the European event. On this occasion you will have the opportunity to meet representatives from politics and from football associations.

The different European perspectives make the project unique. Therefore, we cooperate with four different partners and European institutions: Robert Schuman Stiftung (Poland), Netwerk Democratie (The Netherlands), Fundación Plan B Educación Social (Spain) and Expert Forum Romania (Romania).

Together we provide a mix of knowledge, experience and competences which we look forward to sharing with you during the project More than just a game!


  • When:
    • 31/05-05/06/2021 First Workshop in Berlin
    • 06/06-03/08/2021 in planning: Creation of Exhibition Contributions
    • 04/08-06/08/2021 in planning: Second Workshop in Berlin and Exhibition Opening
  • Who: The project aims at 25 young football enthusiasts between the age of 18 to 25 from Germany, The Netherlands, Poland, Spain and Romania. Working language of the programme is English.
  • Where: European Academy Berlin and in your own country

Watch this space for registration documents to be published soon.

The situation will always be reassessed with regard to the development of the corona pandemic.

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The series is kindly supported by the Erasmus+ Youth in Action Programme.

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