German-Moroccan Academy for Good Governance

Commissioned by the Federal Foreign Office, since April 2012, the Academy has been organising seminar meetings for personnel in Tunisian and - since 2015 - the Moroccan authorities.

In this respect these events form part of a cooperation project between the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany and respectively the Kingdom of Morocco.

The Academy for Good Governance and Empowerment in Europe was initiated by the Federal Foreign Office. Programme design and implementation are undertaken by EAB in close consultation with the partner organisations / government in the Morocco. In this way it is possible to ensure that the seminar programme is oriented towards the requirements of participants.

This Academy for Good Governance is designed to serve know-how transfer, sharing lessons learnt and in this way supporting transformation processes in Morocco.

In each instance, twelve participants are our guests in Berlin and get to know in a day-to-day practical way the Federal German public administration system. Thus they acquire hints for the process of transformation in their own country. Designing the seminar programme in this context takes place in close collaboration with partners in Rabat.

Topical points of main emphasis in focus in these seminars cover basic principles of Good Governance and modern administrative practice, decentralisation, public-private partnerships (PPP), countering corruption and public participation.

Programme Director