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CGYPP - 2020: Sustainable Business & Lifestyle – Czech and German Answers

Europe will be the world’s first climate neutral continent – at least according to the newly elected president of the EU commission, Ursula von der Leyen. To what extent this ambitious goal can be met, remains to be seen. But these climate-friendly announcements cannot conceal the deeply rooted discrepancy in member states´ environmental policies. In most cases, conflicts do not so much concern the overall perception of a problem or the goals to be achieved. The basic question dividing the EU rather is, whether it is necessary to regulate a given problem by new legislation (top-down) – or whether it is sufficient to rely on mechanisms of self-commitment and “the market” (bottom-up). Against this background, the 11th edition of the Czech-German Young Professionals Program (CGYPP) aims at exploring the reasons behind the fundamental differences dividing EU member states in their environmental policies.

Comparing Germany and the Czech Republic we will ask how Czechs and Germans perceive the environmental problems we are facing today.

  • Who, do they think, is „in charge“ of solving these problems?
  • What political and economic incentives do start-ups and companies need to contribute to a more sustainable form of modern life?
  • And to what extent are people willing to change their behaviour in a way as not to reduce their own „ecological footprint“?
  • Should we try to bring about societal change – and if so: how?

We want to discuss these questions creatively, interactively and polemically with a wide range of political and economic leaders, with leading journalists and experts – and we want to share our insights with the general public.


  1. Workshop in Berlin, March 12-13, 2020 (program change due to the Corona pandemic)
  2. Hybrid event in Prague, September 23-27, 2020 (Wednesday afternoon - Sunday noon)
  3. Cross-border study trip from Regensburg to Pilsen, November 11-15 (Wednesday afternoon - Sunday noon).


  • Czechs and Germans with open mindset in the age of 25-40 with varying professional backgrounds (from the fields of academia, business, media, politics, public administration and NGOs)
  • Selected 14 young professionals for one programme year become Alumni after full attendance of the three program units

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Impressions of CGYPP 2019 - Bridging the gaps


The Czech-German Young Professionals Program (CGYPP), established in 2008, is an international network for young experts, multipliers, movers and shakers from Germany and the Czech Republic. The program interlinks the fields of academia, business, media, politics, public administration and NGO.

Each year, 12-14 young professionals from Germany and the Czech Republic are invited to participate in a series of workshops, and to collaborate on relevant economic, political and social issues.

CGYPP connects people with different professional backgrounds. By exchanging and sharing experiences and perspectives, the participants not only broaden their horizons, improve communication and intercultural skills but also increase their social capital.

CGYPP was founded by the Association for International Affairs (AMO) and the German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP) and supported by the Czech-German Future Fund , Robert Bosch Stiftung and Federal Foreign Office.

Since 2014, CGYPP has been jointly organized by AMO and the European Academy Berlin (EAB).

It is financed by the Czech-German Future Fund.




Podcasts: Czech-German Perspectives


➤ Interview with Vladimír Handl (IIR) on the state of Czech-German Relations

CGYPP participant Andreas Graf interviews Vladimír Handl, Research Fellow at the Institute of International Relations in Prague.
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➤ What would YOU do (differently) if you received an unconditional basic income?

In this episode, Sarah Polewsky, a CGYPP participant, talks about the unconditional basic income.
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➤ Refugees in Bavaria: experiences and challenges. A family story

In this episode, Petra Kouřimská talks about experience of one family living and taking care of refugees in Bavaria.
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➤ The hidden secrets of Smetana’s Vltava

Simon Backovsky explores Europe’s cultural heritage and German-Czech connection in classical music.
Czech-German Perspectives, Episode 4

➤ Service for all

In this episode, Jürgen Gradl argues that an obligatory social service would strengthen solidarity in Europe. 
Czech-German Perspectives, Episode 5

➤ Digitalization and Work Life Balance

Franziska Stölzel’s podcast is about the impact of digitalization on our work/life balance. 
Czech-German Perspectives, Episode 6

➤ Digitalization of Education

Kateřina Šustrová explores the challenges of the digitalization of education. 
Czech-German Perspectives, Episode 7

➤ Historical Burdens and Potential Digital Solution

In this episode, Vladimír Hurych explores historical burdens and how their digital solution could look like. 
Czech-German Perspectives, Episode 8

➤ Food Industry Digitalization

In this episode, Mark Friedrich talks about how digitalization is used in the food industry.
Czech-German Perspectives, Episode 9

➤ Digitalization and smart cities

An expert on smart cities is being interviewed in this episode. 
Czech-German Perspectives, Episode 10

➤ Digitalization of work

This episode’s topic: digitalization of work and how it affects us. 
Czech-German Perspectives, Episode 11

➤ Foreigners in the Czech Republic

Tereza Blahoutová asks herself the questions: Are foreigners welcome in the Czech Republic? How do they change the country ? How does the country change them? 
Czech-German Perspectives, Episode 12

I​​​nnovation Barriers in Central and Eastern Europe

What are the reasons for the endurance of barriers for innovations in Central and Eastern Europe? Jana Lachmann gives answers. 
Czech-German Perspectives, Episode 13


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