European Future Summits 2017

Social cohesion and transnational security in Europe

A scenario workshop series on the future of Greece, Poland and Bulgaria

How can the future of the European Union be designed? What opportunities are there, how can current challenges be overcome and crises turned around in a positive way?

The European Future Summits at the EAB (European Academy of Berlin) bring together experts, policy makers and activists who address these questions and develop sound contributions to ongoing debates on key issues in European politics. Fostering far-reaching and inclusive debates on the future of Europe and shaping this future in common account for the overarching objectives of this project.

The project thereby consists of a number of scenario workshops – the European Future Summits – and corresponding public debates. During the workshops, the participants explore major developments and events in European politics, economy and society, while exploring and developing scenario-making as a format of participatory and progressive dialogue.

The general theme of the Future Summits in 2017 is social cohesion and transnational security in Europe. As a broad analytical framework, this theme encourages us to interlink European integration efforts on the regional and the transnational level and to draw connections between local and global developments.

At the same time, each of the three summits in 2017 deals with a specific EU member state, namely, with Greece, Poland and Bulgaria. In doing so, the project not only focuses on different countries with specific challenges ahead, but also allows for a comparative view on countries which have accessed the EU at different stages i.e. enlargement rounds.

The European Future Summit workshops are organised with the kind support of the Federal Foreign Office.

Further information on the project as well as calls for participation in the workshops will be posted on this website.

Scenario reports


Greece and the EU in 2035

Jens Bastian, Ulrich Brückner, Phedon Codjambopoulo, Anna Diamantopoulou, Olga Kakouri, Nicos Konstandaras, Despoina Lazaridou, Antonios Souris, Anna Visvizi
Copy & editing: Samuel F. Müller

PDF “Greece and the EU in 2035: Scenario report on the first European Future Summit in the European Academy Berlin”


Past Workshops

Workshop I –  Greece and the EU in 2035

Workshop II – Poland and the EU in 2035

Workshop III – Bulgaria and the EU in 2035


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Senior Project Manager

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