Dr. Andrea Despot


Civil power. Even though her surname may make you think otherwise: EAB Director of the Academy Dr. Andrea Despot directs the fate of EAB only and alone by means of communications and negotiations. When still a seminar director, the academically qualified historian of eastern Europe and political scientist became deputy Academy director in 2009. Since August 2017, as Academy Director she has been responsible for strategic coordinating and directing theoretical, educational and administrative matters in all the various fields in the Academy. In the course of her studies in Munich and Harvard as well as in many research and lecturing activities at the University of Erfurt and at the Free University of Berlin she has addressed in depth transformation processes, questions of European integration and Euro-Atlantic relations. Dr. Despot is regularly asked to function as chairperson in panel discussions, as expert and on a panel. And hopes then that she will be introduced correctly to those present. Not in truth as a woman despot holding a PhD. On the contrary – as Dr. Despot – with the emphasis on the first syllable.


Curriculum vitae