European Topics evening meetings

In order to strengthen interest in European issues for Berlin members of the general public, the Academy has organised on several occasions during a year European topical evenings in a variety of locations, which lend themselves to the field of European issues.

In the course of 2015, a total of four meetings of this kind were planned on behalf of the Governing Mayor of Berlin’s Office.

From 2010 to 2014, the Governing Mayor’s Office held for members of the general public of Berlin in various Berlin urban districts European political issues for a, addressing focal topic areas such as “Social Europe” and “Europe for its citizens”.

The Academy was commissioned to plan and carry out these European fora. The series of meetings culminated in a ceremonial final meeting in 2014.

During these Berlin European fora, Berliners were given an opportunity to describe their experiences, demands and visions and to discuss these with one another and finally to bring them together in a citizens’ public statement

European political figures in Berlin, from the European Parliament, the German Federal Parliament and the Berlin Parliament House of Representatives (Abgeordnetenhaus) were called upon – as part of the declaration hand-over ceremony – to discuss the contents of the declaration documents and provide an initial verdict on these demands.

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