Europe in schools

Teachers' continuing professional education in North Rhine-Westphalia

Not only do we live in Europe, but also Europe, to be more precise, the European Union, determines our lives very deeply. This is why it is important to understand the EU – because only if people understand what the framework conditions are in which they live, are they able to play a part in shaping them. Devoting attention to Europe as a social, geographical and political construct and to the European Union thus occupies a central position in the context of education in schools.

‘Europe in schools – teachers’ continuing professional education in North Rhine-Westphalia’ is a project which has as its aim to build up and/or extend competence about Europe amongst school pupils. The intention is to provide support to teaching staff in integrating this constellation of subjects – which is challenging both from the methodological-didactic aspect as well as in substance – into their specialised subject curricula.

Involved in implementing the project are the European Academy Berlin (EAB), the TU Dortmund and the Regional Ministry for Schools and Further Education in the Federal State (Land) of North Rhine-Westphalia, financial support is by the private and independent foundation Stiftung Mercator.

As part of the project entitled Europe in schools, four lesson modules have been elaborated, on the basis of which continuing professional education elements for facilitators and for teaching staff have been designed.