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European Information Centre Veliko Tarnovo

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The EUROPEAN INFORMATION CENTRE began activities in Oct 1997, when the Council of Europe opened its first Regional centre in Veliko Tarnovo. In Dec 2000, EIC was registered as NGO. EIC has been hosting the European Documentation Centre of EU since Jan 2001 and since Jan 2007, with the entry of Bulgaria as EU member, the EUROPE DIRECT for North-Central Bulgaria (districts of Veliko Tarnovo and Razgrad). EIC continues to serve as EDIC for the period 2018-2020. EIC main objectives are: popularize values of the EU within the country; assist authorities, institutions, organizations, citizens in the process of European integration; support development of the civil society and media; to educate and train, to assist and do research, provide consultations on the hot issues of the European integration; teach topics on basic European values using new methods and methodologies. Main initiatives are e.g. “Europe is more than you think”, “Teaching Europe”, “Mobile Europe”. 


Politikatörténeti Intézet                               

For more than two decades, the Institute of Political History works as a public utility private research place outside the governmental institute-system and as a European public policy research organization (think-tank). Its aim is not only historical research in an international cooperation, but popular education as well: to mediate the scientific results towards intellectuals, the wide public and political decision makers. Thereby it aims to enhance the understanding of a common European history, values and cultural integrity.
The Institute helps the birth of new scientific results with tenders, scholarships, researches; its publishing house, review, conferences and homepage distribute the scientific results. Public events establish connections between academic research and politics. With popular programs it addresses non expert audience as well, keeps connections with students, teachers, etc. 


Polska Fundacja im. Roberta Schumana 

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Polska Fundacja im. Roberta Schumana (PFRS) is a non-governmental, non-political organization, founded in 1991. Our mission is to motivate Europeans to more active participation, promote the European idea, process of integration and its values. We implement educational and civic programs, focusing on issues like European integration and intercultural dialogue, societal engagement of citizens, promotion of democratic and civic values. Our activities are addressed to all social groups, regardless of age, origin, education or profession. We organise platforms for these groups to meet, discuss and get to know each other, using a variety of tools that connect and help create bridges between them. Our goal is to present the EU in a simple and clear manner for specific recipients, which includes adapting the channels of communication and activities to the target group. The Foundation is also cooperating with a wide range of institutions.


Tera Maison de l’ Europe de la Charente

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TERA-Maison de l’Europe de la Charente (TERA-MDE16) is a non-profit organisation, created in 2004 by youth workers and volunteers involved in international cooperation projects, who wanted to involve more young people in European and international projects. The organisation has been an accredited member of the ‘Fédération Française des Maisons de l’Europe’ since 2006 and is also a member of EUNET, a transnational organisation of European NGOs working for European cooperation and cultural exchange. It is recognised as an experienced organization within the French Erasmus+ programme and in 2018 has been invited to deliver training courses for youth workers in the Nouvelle Aquitaine region on Erasmus+ Youth projects. 

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Understanding Europe, shaping Europe: this maxim encapsulates - in a nutshell – the aim of the European Academy Berlin (EAB). The principle incorporates two aspirations: As a disseminator of knowledge the Academy aims to explain policies and politics and to communicate European political connections. By strengthening the critical ability of each individual citizen, EAB in this way makes its contribution towards a vital civil society in Germany and in Europe. 
EAB is active in Berlin and for Berlin. In Berlin, the Academy is a well-established location for meetings of all kinds for an international clientele – addressing always current and relevant topics. And it does so as ever at the highest standard of substantial and pedagogic-didactic objectives. Our target groups include teachers, diplomats, people in media, political makers, representatives of representatives of civil society, universities, players in policy-making environments and government / national institutions.