Re-connecting Europe

Challenges and opportunities for better integration

Re-connecting Europe – challenges and opportunities for better integration – is an international series of events that runs within the Europe for Citizens framework. Throughout a period of 18 months, project participants will be engaged in local and international group activities on current challenges of European integration and identity.

Is Europe in the 21st century still a success story of peace and prosperity? The recent growth of anti-European movements shows that many Europeans wonder whether the European Union can still hold the promises it once set out with. Multiple crises are putting European solidarity to the test and many of the perceived divides appear between Europe’s “North” and Europe’s “South” as well as between the old and the new EU member states.

Europeans need a space to act, a place where they can take influence on the future, a future that offers an alternative to the scenarios and narratives promoted by anti-European movements. Re-connecting Europe is offering such a place. Participants from Germany, Italy, Poland, Slovakia and Serbia work together on the topics and questions that move many Europeans today: social inequalities, challenges of a multicultural society, digitalisation and social media. They discuss and work in national groups, create and manage blogs and develop inputs for the international events.

The project series is co-funded by the European for Citizens Programme of the European Union. Project partners are Polska Fundacja im. Roberta Schumana in Poland, Associazione Interculturale NUR in Italy, Záhrada – Centrum nezávislej kultúry in Slovakia and Studentski kulturni centar in Serbia.

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