Summer exchange and empowerment experience for young Europeans from Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic



26.07.2016 – 31.07.2016

Europäische Akademie Berlin


Europe is hit by numerous challenges these days. The economic crisis, terror threats or the refugee challenge increasingly put into question the common European values such as democratic principles, basic freedoms and pluralism. The trust in the stabilizing effect of European integration in politics and society as well as the perception of the EU as the answer to the multiple crises deteriorate. As a result, the willingness of the member states and societies to engage themselves financially or personally in order to overcome the multiple challenges weakens. Instead, they increasingly concentrate on national interests while European basic values and principles are being instrumentalized for political conequences of these developments.

Giving these new and diverse challenges, it is important to maintain the dialogue between young Europeans from the neighbouring countries Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic. Therefore, the European Academy Berlin, in cooperation with the Polish Robert Schuman Foundation, Warsaw and Kuro Hradec Králové, Culture and Volunteering will bring together 24 young Europeans from the three countries in the framework of the summer exchange and empowerment expierence “enter:trust”.

“enter:trust” seeks to foster a culture of debate and constructive criticism, to raise understanding for each others opinions and to regain trust in European cooperation.

The program gives the participants the possibility to debate on the German-Polish-Czech relationships, current European challenges and steretoypes of each other. As we especially would like the participants to raise their voice, the topics touched will be mostly dealt with in interactive formats, such as workshops, group discussions, debates or experimental phases. During the five days the following issues will be discussed:

· Drifting apart in Europe? Problems – perceptions – points of view
· Europe – a part of me or apart from me? Hopes, fears and challenges of the young generation
· Pluralism, Diversity, Integration in Europe – case study Berlin
· Lügenpresse! – Freedom of speech and its limits
· Let’s talk! – Czech-German-Polish impulses for a better communication in Europe


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Claudia Fedur

Senior Project Manager (in Elternzeit)



Europäische Akademie Berlin

Bismarckallee 46-48
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