likeminds: german-turkish junior expert initiative

likeminds – german-turkish junior expert initiative, is a bi-national exchange and visits program in Germany and Turkey. The program aims to encourage ties between young German and Turkish top performers, and includes them in topic-oriented dialogue. In addition, it aims to contribute towards creating a professional and personal network.

Focus topic for 2016

“Seeking security – in the age of human needs and global necessities”.

Security is a basic human need – providing this need continues to present mankind with new challenges. Our understanding of security has changed in recent decades to become a more comprehensive, overarching idea of ‘human security’. In the light of global challenges such as migration, terrorism, climate change and economic crises, this modern concept of security has become closely linked with humanitarian, environmental, military, and economic dimensions of security, yet without neglecting the individual person, his or her individual need for security in the form of guaranteed human rights.

As part of this year’s likeminds program, we are using current events in Germany and Turkey as a springboard for discussing security. What does security mean in a local context? What security risks is the general public in Germany or Turkey actually aware of? What individual and national security interests have come to the fore? We intend to discuss what dimensions of security are most important in Turkish and German society, what policies and areas of action are affected, and how these two countries and societies deal with risks from outside.

Likewise, we also propose to discuss what security policy interests and strategies are being pursued in view of interlinked crises in the international arena. How are we responding to regional, European and global crises, such as forced mass migration or blocking of access to water or education? To what extent are climate and the environment security factors?

The project initiative provides a unique opportunity to discuss these topics with your peers and with experts, and through one’s own observations to expand and engage with them more deeply. As a participant you will be able to immerse yourself in discourse and political processes and to engage at length with this key issue.

The programme consisted of three components:
likeminds 2015 – “Energy – fuel for economies, states and societies“
likeminds 2014 – „Getting involved: Social Movements and Participation“
likeminds 2013 – „Trading potentials: Shaping economic life and connecting cultures“
likeminds 2012 – „Mobility today“
likeminds 2011– „Conducting Foreign Policy in a Globalized World“

Contact Person

Ute Böhr

Ute Böhr

Senior Project Manager