Dr. Andrea Despot


Phone: +49 30 895951-0
Email: ad@eab-berlin.eu
Dr. Andrea Despot is, as of Summer 2017, Director of the European Academy Berlin and the managing member on the executive board of the body maintaining the EAB, the Verein (association) known as ‘Europäische Akademie Berlin e.V.’ She represents the Academy in external affairs and to the various organs of the association. In her capacity as director of the Academy, she is responsible for coordinating and directing theoretical, educational and administrative matters in all the various fields at the Academy.

Previously, Andrea Despot was a researcher in the Institute for East European Studies at the Free University of Berlin, where she gained her doctorate, and research assistant in the Chair of Comparative Politics at the University of Erfurt.

Transformation processes and questions of European integration formed the focus of her research work in Germany, Finland and the United States. Andrea Despot acquired her regional expertise at Harvard University, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, where she earned a Master of Arts in Regional Studies: Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia Program.

In the context of her work in international educational and inter-change spheres, she focusses on current European policy topics; further areas of main emphasis include EU foreign relations as well as international foreign and security policy. She has lectured at the University of Helsinki, Finland, and at the John F. Kennedy Institute for North American Studies at the Free University of Berlin.
Dr. Despot regularly gives lectures and acts as chairperson in panel discussions and conferences.