Conference centre office and reception desk office

Conference centre


Stefanie Grothe

Coordinator, Conference Centre Management

Stefanie Grothe is back Office Manager at the European Academy Berlin and as such responsible for all administrative tasks and fields. In conjunction with Tina Lißner, she forms the conference centre management coordination team.

Reception desk office


Beate Blasum

Reception Office Management

Beate Blasum has been working in the reception desk office at the European Academy since December 2014. After concluding her professional training in hotel management, since 1992 she has gained experience by working in numerous resort and city hotels in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Petra Günzer

Reception Office Management

Petra Günzer has been working in reception at the European Academy Berlin since 2011. She is responsible for making reservations for guest rooms in the hotel and also for the various meeting and event venues and the associated equipment.