Czech-German Young Professionals Program

The Czech-German Young Professionals Program (CGYPP), established in 2008, is an international network for young experts, multipliers, movers and shakers from Germany and the Czech Republic. The program interlinks the fields of academia, business, media, politics, public administration and NGO.

Each year, 12 young professionals from Germany and the Czech Republic are invited to participate in a series of workshops, and to collaborate on relevant economic, political and social issues. CGYPP connects people with different professional backgrounds. By exchanging and sharing experiences and perspectives, the participants not only broaden their horizons, improve communication and intercultural skills but also increase their social capital.

CGYPP was founded by the Association for International Affairs (AMO) and the German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP) and supported by the Czech-German Future Fund and Robert Bosch Stiftung. Since 2014, CGYPP has been jointly organized by AMO and the European Academy Berlin (EAB) with the support of the Czech-German Future Fund.

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Podcasts: Czech-German Perspectives
CGYPP 2015 - Great Energy Challenge
CGYPP 2017 - Solidarity, stability and security in post-factual times




Claudia Rehrs

Claudia Fedur

Senior Project Manager

12. Oktober 2018 bis 15. Oktober 2018

Chances and Challenges of Digitalization

Digital Democracy

Workshop, Projektreihe: CGYPP

per Ausschreibung

12. Oktober 2018 , 18:00 – 20:30 Uhr

The impact of digitalization on European democracy as we know it

Öffentliche Fishbowl-Diskussion in Kooperation mit dem Tschechischen Zentrum

Fishbowl, Projektreihe: CGYPP

öffentliche Veranstaltung